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LOGO with WINKING CHEF Encompasses the energetic fun, gourmet BRAND.

concise key benefits platform serves as basis for all brand speak.



Cookie Cupboard came to Unity Design looking to freshen up
an identity and brand that was starting to stale. With many promotional and packaging needs, we were eager to create a new identity system
that would consistently deliver their targeted brand message.

Cookie Cupboard, a producer of gourmet dough, already earned a solid reputation of providing

great customer service and by using ‘real’ ingredients. By ‘real,’ we mean using ingredients such as;

unsalted butter, pure vanilla, fresh eggs and none of the trans fat processed stuff.

What they needed was a focused brand position, a clearly defined message and an identity

that would convey the fun, passionate, energetic company they are.


Cookie Cupboards’ commitment to the use of ‘real’ natural ingredients, is mixed perfectly with the way they make their product – by hand, from scratch every time. No short cuts, just hard work.

After that, it's in the hands of their customer. Hence, the use of their perfectly fitted positioning tag line to clearly define what Cookie Cupboard provides and does for their customers.

We make it — You bake it!TM

Wink. Wink.

By providing their customers with quality gourmet dough ready to bake, Cookie Cupboard

empowers their customer as the Chef. Stores and home cooks collect credit and praises as they
pass these delicious baked goods off as their own creations. It seemed only appropriate

to create an identity around a winking chef icon subtly saying, “Yep, I made these.”


A concise, quick read copy platform was created to highlight all the key benefits

and advantages of Cookie Cupboard. A strong tag line defining the company’s business,

paired with a fun, energetic, winking chef logo, made the perfect recipe for the re-brand.

With everything in place, the re-brand was rolled out across the organization, the packaging,

marketing, promotional communications, trade show event materials, and website.


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