Have you seen these symbols popping up everywhere you look?

Long used overseas, Quick Read Codes (QR Codes) are becoming common in the U.S. The QR code is a two-dimensional code designed to be read by an electronic scanner. It is kind of an evolution of one-dimensional bar codes such as the Universal Product Code (UPC). But because it contains information in two dimensions (horizontal and vertical) rather than just one, it can carry much more information than a standard bar code of similar size.

Most QR codes you encounter contain URLs that direct the user to a web page, but a QR code can contain just about any kind of information. Some popular uses include video, music clips, a special promotional webpage, coupons, user manuals or more in-depth information on a product, nutritional information, maps... the uses are endless, and the most intriguing part is that they are immediate. Users simply scan the code with their smart phone and are take to the information you want them to know. Further, you can change what it links to as often as you like. So a deal could run for 3 hours, and then you could remove it.

If you would like to add QR codes into your marketing mix, give us a call and let's talk about how to make it work for your business!